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What is NITAT?

The NITAT is aptitude test that is used by NIIT Imperia and its academic partners in selecting applicants for different study programs. NIIT aptitude test is designed to measure reasoning, comprehension, data interpretation skills. The test is for one and a half hour duration. NIIT aptitude test carries a total of 100 marks. Also, there is a separate 30 minute test for Executive Program in Applied Finance.

The NIT Imperia Program Aptitude Test consists of multiple choice questions that tests students in the areas of English ability, logical ability and behavioral traits. The test helps student to assess their aptitude and potential to succeed in IT industry. The test is conducted all over India in various cities.

NITAT consists of following sections:

  • Verbal Ability & Communication Skills – This section is of 30 marks.
  • Numerical Ability – This section carries 35 marks.
  • Logical Reasoning & Creative Problem Solving – This section carries 20 marks.
  • Supporting Personality Traits – This section is of 15 marks.

After the test, students will receive a score card mentioning the nationwide and zonal ranking. The scorecard also shows the percentile score and ranking among all candidates appearing for the same discipline. The test also asses the percentile score on Functional Abilities and behavioral traits. The test is beneficial to candidates as it helps them in deciding the careers that they should take up.


Since this is the age of the survival of the fittest, it is very critical for an individual to know his/her own strengths and areas of improvement and also where does one stand in terms of aptitude amongst not only your peers but Lakhs of individuals’ nationwide. NITAT would help you do so.
NITAT would also help you understand your ranking NationawideRegion-wise, and most importantly NITAT also helps one to understand his/her ranking among candidates that share a similar Academic Background. So you know how to showcase yourself to the IT Industry.


Why Should i Appear in NITAT?

 IT Industry is the only industry talking about Job and for that the student needs to have the right skill, right aptitude and should be productive fromHour 1. There are only benefits associated with appearing in NITAT:
1) You’ll be getting a personalized score card that will help you know your strength and areas of development.
2) It’ll help you assess your skills and will give you a clear picture of where you stand in the Upcoming IT force.
3) It also helps you in connecting with IT giants in Job fair organised by NIIT where these companies consider the NITAT scores.
4) You get a free subscription to SDN & MSDN


NIIT Aptitude Test Papers & Aptitude Questions

NIIT aptitude test is conducted to comprehend the aptitude of the applicants and also evaluating him or her for the admission to the desired program. This aptitude test involves questions relating to different IT topics. Candidates can prepare for this exam using the NIIT aptitude test papers. Aspirants can gauge the nature of NIIT aptitude questions and prepare accordingly. For a better idea, referring to the NIIT official website and taking some sample NNIT aptitude test papers.

You can download the Sample Question paper from below links:

Question Paper 1

Question paper 2

Best of Luck !!!


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